Tools and Resourses

Have I been pwnd – – Want to find out if your information has been compromised? They give you a look at if your login information was ever stolen in a breach.  – Free

VirusTotal – – VirusTotal is a handy free tool/service that allows you to check out a file or web site for malicious or harmful viruses and malware, before you open it or visit.  – Free

Secunia PSI  – – Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) scans your other programs for possible vulnerabilities (usually missed security updates).  – Free

AVG AntiVirus  (Free Version)  – – Anti Virus protection scanning and online link protection.  – Free

Malwarebytes (Free Version)  – – Anti Malware, Anti Spyware.  To be used in conjunction with Anti Virus software.  – Free

Microsoft Security Essentials  – – Full suite of security tools for Windows 7.  – Free

LastPass  – – Password manager – Free version available

Proton Mail – – Web based encrypted email. – Free

Phish Your Friends – – Find out if your friends are serial-clickers. Then warn them, of course. – Free

Shodan Search – Search for anything connected to the internet.  IoT (Internet of Things) search engine.  – Free

Wireshark – – Wireshark is a network traffic analyzer. It’s good for checking out what is using your network to see if anything unauthorised is accessing the internet.  – Free

Uninstalling Flash – – Completely uninstall Flash.

Observatory – – Scan your web site for Best Practices, security flaws. How’s the implementation of security on your web site? Observatory will tell you.