Breaking and current threats to your information security.

Sage 2.0 Ransomware

January 23, 2017 Chris Harston 0

The ransomware, called “Sage 2.0”, is a variant of the CryLocker ransomware and was found in an email campaign for malspam. According to Brad Duncan’s […]

New MSPublisher Malware

September 28, 2016 Chris Harston 0

Freelance Security Consultant, Xavier Mertens, finds new malware campaign in the Microsoft’s Publisher files (.pub). The malware is delivered by Publisher’s use and support of […]

GO Players Beware

September 15, 2016 Chris Harston 0

Pokémon Go players are under attack. With CNET giving the estimate of 15 million Pokémon Go players, it’s no wonder a hacker would try to tap into […]

Patch Tuesday

August 9, 2016 Chris Harston 0

Well, it’s that time of the month… Patch Tuesday!  And this months Windows patches fix a few vulnerabilities that range from critical to important.  As always, […]

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