Sage 2.0 Ransomware

January 23, 2017 Chris Harston 0

The ransomware, called “Sage 2.0”, is a variant of the CryLocker ransomware and was found in an email campaign for malspam. According to Brad Duncan’s […]

Security Under Trump

December 23, 2016 Chris Harston 0

Nobody truly knows what’s in store for the governments IT Security policies under the new Trump administration. But, everyone agrees that things are going to […]

Gmail Issues

December 23, 2016 Chris Harston 0

Why it might be a good idea to drop your Gmail account. Google’s Gmail seems to have a serious problem in distinguishing similar emails. In […]

Yahoo Seriously?

December 15, 2016 Chris Harston 0

Back in the news in less than three months is Yahoo with another security FAIL revelation. Determined to break its old record of 500+ Million […]


October 18, 2016 Chris Harston 0

As most of you know, last week brought us Microsoft’s Patchocalypse, where we became Microsofts test subjects for their new patching bundle.  And this week […]

Yahoo Doubles Down

October 4, 2016 Chris Harston 0

Yahoo adds to its privacy woes.  As if compromising half a Billion user accounts wasn’t enough. Reuters reports that Yahoo had developed a program to scan […]

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