Ajit Pai Moves Forward on Killing Net Neutrality

The FCC voted Thursday (05/18/17) 2-1 to move forward on removing the 2015 ruling that placed ISPs under Title II, essentially making them utilities. By rolling back the ruling, the ISPs would either fall back under Title I, or not fall under any classification until the FCC has created one. In either case, if Title II is rolled back, then Net Neutrality is dead.

The vote comes a few days after the FCC and Pai shut down the public comments board for 17-108 (the rollback proposal), claiming that the web site was under a DOS attack. However, two separate cyber security firms have denied such an attack ever occurred.  Nor has the FCC presented any evidence that would back up their claim. The investigation into the Denial of Service attack did turn up anti-net neutrality SPAM comments but with no evidence that it would be considered a DOS attack.

As the process continues, Thursday’s vote will bring forth another session of public comments. We can only hope that another “sudden shutdown” doesn’t occur, and that all comments from the public can be recorded and considered.

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