Security Under Trump

Nobody truly knows what’s in store for the governments IT Security policies under the new Trump administration. But, everyone agrees that things are going to change, drastically. But will the changes be for the better?

Trump’s choice as National Security Adviser is Michael Flynn. Flynn’s outlook on cybersecurity is as controversial as it is tough. Flynn has said on several occasions that the U.S. is falling behind on cybersecurity, and that it was time we took a more aggressive posture, both globally and here at home. His recent comments leave quite a bit of speculation as to what his plans are. We can gather that he intends for there to be higher levels of intrusion, proactive (beyond what we do now) and more frequent sanctioned attacks on foreign hot spots, and deeper surveillance for all. An overall more aggressive stance.

So what does this mean for the IT Security professional? Well, the problem is, we’re not sure what Flynn means when he says he wants to get tough on security. Could mean drastic changes to federal regulations, and changes in NIST documentation, stronger control policies, new or tighter levels of security for government contracts… Or, it could mean weakening encryption for consumer goods and services, and invasive back door architecture built into commercial services?  Nobody is really sure.  But everyone knows something is coming.

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