Yahoo Seriously?

Back in the news in less than three months is Yahoo with another security FAIL revelation. Determined to break its old record of 500+ Million accounts compromised, Yahoo announced yesterday that they have succeeded in failing to secure over 1 Billion user accounts. That’s not including the original 500M, that’s in addition to…

In the latest breach discovery, Yahoo had determined that the hack had occurred sometime in August of 2013, a full year before the 500M breach, and said that this hack appeared to be state sponsored. According to the Yahoo press release, Yahoo said the same nation state was responsible for both breaches. The FBI is currently investigating, and with any luck we should have some answers soon.

Also according to the Yahoo press release, the hackers were able to acquire user account info such as; names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords, and in some cases encrypted/unencrypted security questions and answers. So, IF you still have a Yahoo account, and we suggest you shouldn’t, you should probably go change your password an strip the account of any personal information.

For further information, go check out Yahoo’s Security FAQs at:

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