Yahoo Doubles Down

Yahoo adds to its privacy woes.  As if compromising half a Billion user accounts wasn’t enough. Reuters reports that Yahoo had developed a program to scan it’s users email, in real-time, for the NSA/FBI since 2015.

The government agencies would send Yahoo key words, attachments or phrases to scan for, but it was unknown at this point, what information Yahoo turned over. It is important to note that the scan and subsequent program were in compliance to the agencies directives.  While it is well known that other telecoms and communications outlets have cooperated with the agencies in a similar form, this was the first time (that anyone knows of) that a program was developed by the cooperating party for the collection of real time data on such a broad and open scope.

Reuters unnamed sources also guessed that other companies would have been approached by the NSA/FBI with similar directives.  At this time, there has been no conformation from the other entities (Google, Microsoft) that requests of this nature have been acted upon.

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