GO Players Beware

Pokémon Go players are under attack. With CNET giving the estimate of 15 million Pokémon Go players, it’s no wonder a hacker would try to tap into that user base.

The threat comes in the form of  Trojan code in a companion application called “Guide for Pokémon Go New”, that can be found on the Google Play Store.  So far the Trojan only affects the Android platform, with no signs of its appearance in the iOS world.  The Trojan has been detected in other applications on Google Play, but so far the Guide has been able to hit about 6000* users.

The malicious Trojan module downloads additional malware that can gain root access to an Android device. It continuously reports back to a main server and requests further instructions. Many of the downloaded files are from the HEUR hacking tool kit and should be considered highly effective against Android systems.


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