USB Kill 2.0

For only $65.00, you too can hold the power of ultimate destruction! Okay, not that you’d ever want to, or need to, but now anyone can easily purchase a USB Zapper that can bring down just about anything with an accessible USB port.

The USB Kill 2.0 is really a pretty simple device and not something that’s new in the field. It’s essentially a high voltage set of capacitors that once plugged into the targeted machine/device will quickly charge themselves and then, all at once, discharge. The voltage is usually enough to take out any unprotected electronics connected to the USB port.

While this type of device isn’t new, it’s new to the open market. Which, if we all know our neighbors, could be a problem.  This isn’t a lengthy attack with targeted data in mind, this is purely a device designed to render a machine inoperable.  It’s quick, effective, and cheap, which gives its potential a very large range. Hopefully, it wont trend.

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