FTC Asked to Force DRM Labeling

A coalition of consumer groups led by EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) asked the FTC (Federal Trade Commision) to require online retailer to label digital products that are locked/restricted by DRM (Digital Rights Management).

In an effort to create more consumer rights and protections, a letter sent to the FTC asked that consumers be warned of the potential downfalls of DRM before buying downloadable products.  DRM can lock consumers out of access to the products they’ve purchased when traveling or even switching devices. The controversy lies in that, while most companies use DRM to prevent copyright violations, it is well known that not only is it bypassed by criminals, but infringes upon the consumers rights to access the materials they’ve paid for.  In the letter from EFF, they argue that without the labeling, it is impossible for consumers to know if the product they are buying may at some point suffer from DRM locking or restriction.

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